Photos by  Richie Cordon .

Photos by Richie Cordon.

Tatan Zuleta is a Fashion and Portrait photographer based in Miami. Born in Cali (Colombia), he started his carrer as a photographer late in adulthood at the age of 27 in 2010.

Starting off as a self thought photographer, in 2011 he decides to join the “EFValle” school of photography to learn about lighting. Since then, he decided to excel in the understanding and control of light to create his own look that would Help distinguish his work.

Shortly after finishing his studies, he decided to add another skill to his bag of tricks: high end retouching. With opportunity at hand, he took an online workshop with Natalia Tafarel, a well known retouched. Not happy with just one point of view, he decided to take another workshop, this time with photographer and retouched Julia Kuzmenko who really help him out with his vision.

In 2013 he won his first photography award: Grand winner in the Photoshop World Photo Contest held by Viewbug.com and sponsored by the NAPP. For the first time in his career he was able to witness the magnitud of the photography industry and decided to work harder and move out from his hometown, searching for a better future.

In 2014 he takes a leap of faith and travels to New York and spends 6 months working and developing his skills. Without much luck, he soon has to go back to Colombia and plan his next moves.

By 2016 he returns to the United States, but this time he starts in Miami. He soon develope new portfolio that helps him out to become one of the original brand ambassadors for Paul C. Buff in 2017. That same year he is awarded as best fashion photographer new era in his home town.

In 2018 he attended to his first Imagin USA and with Paul C. Buff, he wa able to host a photo walk during the convention. That same year in April he traveled to Saudi Arabia to host a series of workshops to teach photography, lighting and retouching. In 2019 he flew back to Saudi Arabia to teach more of his art at Ithra, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

Photographer, retouched, educator: always pushing him self to learn new techniques and share his findings with the world, his students and his followers.