Photoshop: The NBP Retouching Tools. / by Tatan Zuleta

Now a days a lot of photographers are getting more interested in retouching their images. Although there are different schools of thought about how an image should be presented, it’s no mystery that (at lest in the fashion industry) portraits are retouched to remove imperfections and make the subject much more “appealing” and “beautiful”. For all of these changes there is something denominated “High End Retouching”, which strives to edit images to a point where you can’t tell where the retoucher did changes (although some of them are pretty obvious) while giving a sense of perfection.

In my experience as a portrait and fashion photographer, most of the problems found on an image comes in two groups: texture and Color. Yes, sometimes we have to modify someones body to make it more symmetrical or appealing but most photographers will focus on more “obvious” problems like skin blemishes, wrinkles, hair and of course, skin tones.

For the longest time the tools that would help us out with our retouching were very limited, and i’m not talking about plug-ins like Portraiture or stuff like that which were created to “make our lives easier” while retouching. Fortunately now there is a new cat in town: The NBP Retouching Tools.

This group of tools are brought to you and created by the one and only Nino Batista. Nino is a a model and exotic automotive photographer in the United States and he is regarded as one of the premier model photography and retouching educators in the country. Not only that, he is also a fellow brand ambassador for Paul C. Buff (which is a lighting company in the U.S). For sometime he has been working on perfecting these tools that will help all retouchers to amp up their retouching game. Three main tools are out now: The NBP ColourmapX which already has it’s 1.1 version, the NBP Lumizone and the NBP FreqSep Control.

These three tools make a powerful combination when it comes to retouching. With the NBP FreqSep Control tool you can easily create your Frequency Separation layers with maximum control. The NBP ColourMapX will allow you to map the color pallet of any image and with the new version, you can map specific selected areas of an image (like skin tones) to create a map and apply it to your image as you need it. Last but not least you can create luminosity masks with the NBP Lumizone Tool which uses the Zone System created by Ansel Adams so you can have maximum control when color grading or changing luminosity values on certain areas of the image.


So if you want to have a group of tools that bring your retouching to the next level, i do recommend get your hands on a copy of these powerful tools. Nino’s team are constantly working on developing new versions of these tools and soon, new ones will be added to the family!

If you want to get a copy follow THIS LINK and get yours. Also, if you use the PROMO CODE: TATANZ015 you’ll get a 15% off from your purchase!!

Go get your own NBP Retouching Tools and leave comments bellow to know how you like it, how you use it and all that awesome stuff.

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you here on a next post!