New Project: Patreon. / by Tatan Zuleta

Patreon? What the hell is that? you may think. For those of you who don’t know how Patreon works, here is the deal. It’s a platform in which creators can upload their content, specially exclusive content, so their followers or “Patrons” can see them. Each creator has different tiers in their page. Think about it as access levels; The higher the ties, the more benefits the patron has. Obviously each tier has a cost in order for patrons to have access to said material, but that is fair enough.

For some time i thought of it as a platform where cosplay models and such could sell images of their work, as well as some special goodies for those who supported their career. Little i knew is that this platform is used by thousands of creators. Videographers, illustrators, musicians, writers, painters and also, photographers… It’s funny how universe presents opportunities to someone.

One day i got an email from Nino Batista’s news letter about his idea of opening a Patreon account so his followers could have access to material no one else can. Days later, another photographer friend of mine, Jose Mago told me he started his own Patreon Page and its going well.

So here i am. After analyzing the possibility of opening a new platform in which i can share things with my “Patrons” and followers, i’ve created my own Patreon Page.

If you want to become part of my “Patrons”, just CLICK HERE.

Once you enter the page, on the right side of the landing page you’ll see all the tiers (5 to be exactly). Each one of these tiers have special items like discounts, videos, etc etc. For a montly fee you will have access to a large part of my knowledge.

So if this is something that you might be interested in, don’t hesitate on joining Patreon and becoming a Patron. If not, you can always share the page in case there is someone you think might be interested in joining in.

Hope to see you over there!!

See you on a next post.